Our Bakery's Beginnings  

Many people ask us how Paddock came to be and we guess it all started with us. We’re Ursula and Ben. When it comes to eating, we kind of know our stuff. We’ve always known the GC to be a sprawling metropolis of great food so we decided to throw caution to the wind, quit our jobs and bring something a little different to the people. And in all honesty this venture, in a way, was self-serving: we wanted to make delicious food that we could eat too. We bought an old weatherboard house on Hisbiscus Ave that had been lying dormant for years and breathed a fresh gust of air into her veins. We searched far and wide to find an antique wood-fired oven that now sits plush within Paddock. She’s the heart of this place, pumping out fresh artisanal bread and the kind of Moorish treats we pride ourselves on. Paddock is so much more than a bakery for us, it’s our home with open doors. Our greatest pleasure is seeing people from all over tuck into a Nutella Doughpot. With gooey chocolate smeared across their faces, resolute in their choice, they walk out of our gates with sticky fingers, a full belly and a smile on their face. This is how we know we’ve done our job.





20 Hibiscus Haven              Miami, QLD, 4220


7 Days 6:30am - 3pm

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